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What a Team Effort with that Airway!

Airways are a team effort ... until something goes wrong!

Airway management is a team effort ... until something goes wrong!


  1. joking about 2 medics screwing up an intubation doesn’t help our cause

    • Oh get a grip….these are cartoons….learn to laugh….it is the only way to survive in EMS. You need not take yourself so seriously.

  2. Oh, lighten up. It’s a cartoon, Berry is famous for showing us our foibles as well as our triumphs as EMS. Have you never heard the term “black humor”? Sometimes, it’s either laugh or cry, and I’d rather laugh. What hurts our cause to be seen as professionals is the ofttimes immature behavior I see in EMTs being loud, obnoxious buffoons in public. I have personally stopped fellow EMTs as they were vandalizing post boards, or otherwise acting in a n inappropriate manner in public, but if you can’t laugh at stuff, even otherwise serious stuff, then you will not last long in this high pressure, mile-a-minute crazy business. As I told a lay person once, ” EMS is hours of pure boredom interrupted by minutes of pure chaos.”

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