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Four Reasons Why Intubation During Cardiac Arrest Doesn't Always Work

Learn the reasons why intubating a cardiac arrest patient won't always ensure positive patient outcome.

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Oxygenation & Ventilation Are Not the Same Thing

Ventilation is the act of inhaling and exhaling while oxygenation is the process of adding oxygen to the body system. Learn how to measure each in this article by Samuel Galvagno, Jr., DO.

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Capnography's Role in Traumatic Airway Intubation

Paramedic-turned-anesthesiologist Christopher T. Stephens, MD, NREMT-P, explains why capnography can help ensure proper tube placement in intubations of trauma patients, especially those with traumatic brain injury.

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Ways to Confirm Proper Endotracheal Tube Placement

Brush up on your knowledge of ET tube confirmation techniques.

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