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The Five Ws of Intubation

The airway is the first priority in EMS. It’s also often the most overwhelming. Learn how airway expert and instructor Jim Radcliffe, BS, MBA, EMT-P, reduces that stress.

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Intubation for Cardiac Arrest Patients

The debate over whether to intubate cardiac arrest patients remains strong. Photo Kevin Link

If you've ever felt downtrodden over whether your choice of care was correct in the eyes of science, read on.

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Oxygenation & Ventilation Are Not the Same Thing

Ventilation is the act of inhaling and exhaling while oxygenation is the process of adding oxygen to the body system. Learn how to measure each in this article by Samuel Galvagno, Jr., DO.

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Trauma Airway Intubation Is a Team Effort

In this second part of a three-part series, paramedic-turned-anesthesiologist Christopher T. Stephens, MD, NREMT-P, continues teaching EMS providers trauma airway management.

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Airway Algorithms

Airway Management Algorithm

By Charlie Eisele, BS, NREMT-P
Airway expert Charlie Eisele uses an algorithm to help him prepare for management of difficult airways. Find out why each step is important.

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