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When the Primary Assessment Requires Priority Care

The job of EMS is threefold: 1) get to the patient quickly, 2) fix what we can fix and 3) quickly get the patient to the right hospital. Anything we can do to compress each of these time periods is good for the patient.

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Trauma Airway Intubation Is a Team Effort

In this second part of a three-part series, paramedic-turned-anesthesiologist Christopher T. Stephens, MD, NREMT-P, continues teaching EMS providers trauma airway management.

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GlideScope Video Laryngoscope Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Since the introduction of the GlideScope 10 years ago, the brand has forged the path for an entirely new category of airway devices: the video laryngoscope (VL) class.

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‘Grounded’ Care

For years, direct laryngoscopy has been the gold standard by which to achieve intubation but it often yields surprisingly poor laryngeal views. A significant advance happened when the video laryngoscope was developed.

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